Salerno, 1- 3 September 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

De Thomas SRL

Pescara, Italia
Sartoria De Thomasis creates unique garments simply starting from the customer's wishes. The making of each piece thus becomes an essential experience, a journey into the customer's style and into his hidden secrets. De Thomasis Style is synonymous with quality, research, knowledge, intuition, genius, creativity and experience – backed by forty years of unique, elegant and exciting creations. With its extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, the tailoring laboratory is able to address the needs of both business partners and end consumers. We create complete suits and single tailor-made garments for men, always fully tailored to our customer’s style. As a result, our high-quality garments are simply beautiful, comfortable and entirely Made in Italy. We are particularly attentive to the selection of raw materials, and constantly searching for excellence and innovation in the sector. We enter into commercial agreements with partners and suppliers who share our philosophy business ethics and can guarantee high production standards, in compliance with EU regulations and environmental sustainability.

1. First phase: personal meeting with our customers through a "home visit" or an appointment in our laboratory. This first meeting serves to thoroughly understand taste, style, habits and preferences of our customers.
2. Second phase: dress fitting at the Atelier. At this stage, our customers will experience the exquisite creative ability and handcraft behind the scenes of a bespoke tailoring piece.
3. Third phase: the final suit will be delivered to the address indicated by our customer or alternatively to the tailor's shop.
To make the tailored suit or garment even more unique, Sartoria De Thomasis offers a series of possible customizations designed for every single step in the creative process: style, fabrics, linings, buttons, finishes and various others personalization’s requested by the customer.

Thanks to the expertise of our laboratory, Sartoria De Thomasis collaborates with large and small production companies in the industry, whether fashion houses or tailors, with large bases of national and international users. Our laboratory can support, on behalf of third parties, at all stages of the production process: from the creation of the garment on a model, to the final stages of its realization. Furthermore, we have prepared a 4.0 business format for the retail luxury and ceremony sector. A smart, flexible model that can also be used remotely, through technological innovation, where the work tools are connected to the Network and interconnected with each other with the specific aim of reducing store warehouse management costs and with a view to offer customers a dedicated tailor-made service at compelling low costs.