Salerno, 1- 3 September 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Ferdinand Concept Srl

San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Italia

Company's Presentation

Ferdinand's princely and luxurious dresses make women dream, who in the best days of their lives choose to be followed by a couturier who tailors the perfect suit, a real design designed for each individual customer. Haute couture and Haute Couture bridal garments are worked in the atelier in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio (Na), where the designer welcomes his clientele from all over Italy and in recent years sought after and in great demand by foreign women.
Ferdinand represents a case of "made in Italy" that has transformed creativity and craftsmanship into a strong company. A passion in which sartorial technique has become the art of modeling, mastery is perfectly combined with inventiveness and the ability to create. All this always using the highest quality fabrics and materials and with dresses enriched with strictly handmade embroidery.
The designer has been creating Gran Soirée dresses for several years. The collection of evening dresses, which will abandon the made-to-measure, but will be produced to size with distribution all over the world.Choosing the right dress for every occasion can be difficult: showing up with the right dress is certainly synonymous with care, and it is for this is the origin of the new collection by Ferdinand.