Salerno, 1- 3 September 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Gala Gloves SRL

Gala Gloves represents a new beginning for Pellone family’s long glove-making tradition with a fresh and personal sense of style. A piece of Neapolitan craftsmanship history injected with a creative flair, where styling and manufacturing techniques are honed and refined year after year.
Well, now you may ask what these new techniques are? We have listed some of these for you:

Needle-punching: the process used to fuse a leather glove to wool cuffs thanks to the use of vertical needle punching which produce micro-stitching details.
Laser cutting: the process of precision design etching detail on different types of fabrics and leathers.
Embroidery: creating embroidered designs on leather to the customer’s own specification and preferences no matter how complex.
Laser printing: perfectly printing a customer’s own design onto leather gloves in order to match the product to other parts a designer collection.
Embossing: using technically enhanced embossed, waterproof or touchscreen leathers for the sportier glove ranges.
New materials: bringing together different materials such as fabric mesh or webs to combine with glove leathers in a way which was never traditionally possible before.

Today, together with a team of master craftsmen, we pursue a new dream: to make the Gala Gloves brand known throughout the world for the style, quality and precision of its workmanship. In order to achieve this, We present new and more advanced collections at national and international trade fairs every season, all designed after careful research into new trends, materials and experimental techniques.