Salerno, 1- 3 September 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

L'Artigiano del Guanto srl

Artigiano del Guanto: the timeless charm of elegance

Artigiano del Guanto designs and manufactures collections of Men's / Women's leather gloves, rigorously Made in Italy. Essential characteristics of each item are the hand craftsmanship exclusively performed in its laboratories and the utmost attention in the choice of high quality raw materials used for processing.

The result is a tailor-made and unique product that reveals an attention to details that ready-to-wear and fast fashion have forgotten.

Artigiano del Guanto combines the high quality of craftsmanship with the taste for excellent materials, as the synthesis of the savoir-vivre of those who recognize the glove as the iconic accessory of male and female elegance of all times.

A choice that identifies those who love beauty and do not give up a touch of refinement to their way of dressing.

The tradition of gloves, the story of a family

The glove craftsmanship cannot be improvised. The design and the handcraft of this accessory have their roots in the history, the history of Naples and the history of a family, the one that Francesco, Mimmo and Flora, the children of Giovanni Ricciardiello, Master Glover since 1955, have inherited and carry on with a renewed company philosophy.

The same Company of those who for years have seen their creations appreciated by the main world fashion brands and today present themselves on the market with a tradition that no one else can boast.

Artigiano del Guanto guarantees the best quality levels thanks to the use of new techniques and processes inherited from the past, such as natural tanning for some product lines or the use of natural fibres, but processed according to the most modern methods.

The result is a product of extraordinary workmanship, recognized all over the world, capable of refreshing the Neapolitan tradition of elegance in clothing and accessories at an international level that Artigiano del Guanto offers its customers.

Where detail is the essence

Artigiano del Guanto makes handcrafted gloves where all the processes, from the cut to the final product, are carried out by hand and for which full traceability is guaranteed.

Where passion and love for this work are combined with the continuous search for new materials and the unceasing cooperation with the best tanners.

In fact, Artigiano del Guanto selects only the best leathers, even naturally tanned, such as:

• Ethiopian Lambskin
• South American Carpincho leather
• Peruvian Peccary leather
• North American Deer Skin

The research phase of the raw material is inherent to a production process tailored to the requirements of excellence to offer the customers of Artigiano del Guanto only the best that the market can offer.

The inner linings are made with fine yarns and fabrics which emphasize the craftsmanship of the product and the quality of the leather used:

• Coloured or natural wools made in Italy
• 100% Cashmere fabrics woven and made in Italy
• Silk
• Premium grade nylon

For each pair of gloves Artigiano del Guanto offers a customized packaging, which reflects the brand's corporate image and colour palette, accompanying it with a complimentary leather keychain and a brochure with essential information on the product and the Company.

From the Capital of gloves to international markets

The collections of Artigiano del Guanto bring the international soul of Naples abroad, which for centuries has made this city the centre of style, elegance and taste.

A beacon city for glove lovers from all over the world, who still today turn to it in search of Beauty.

The workshops of the Artigiano del Guanto are located here, where the style that inspires the collections exported to the Far East is created, in order to satisfy a demanding clientele eager for beauty and refinement.

Artigiano del Guanto offers all customers the possibility to customize the requested products, according to their tastes and the needs of the distribution network in foreign markets. Once again, this result is possible thanks to a completely handcrafted process.