Salerno, 1- 3 September 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Mardi SRL


Company's Presentation

The Maison was born around the 1920s in an ancient and highly prized tailor's shop located in the center of Milan, home to the major international brands and considered a must for Italian fashion lovers. Established in the panorama of high fashion bridal, it grows following a unique and unrepeatable circuit of its kind, guaranteeing quality and exclusivity, combining taste and elegance for each individual dress with the result of a precious masterpiece of style.

Divine creations are born from the tailoring workshops, where the embroideries embellished with luminous swarovski crystals are intertwined with lace and veiled transparencies, where the necklines on the décolleté and on the back, testify a refined sensuality making them masterpieces of style and trend by combining art, skill and sartorial talent.In 2018 he founded the first Flagship store in Southern Italy in Bari. Via Della Spiga Milan emerges with an explosive departure for 2022. The launch of a contemporary line, the creation of a new project that combines the inspiration of Gerardo Orlando with the heritage of the brand, a symbol of elegance in the world, in a young and versatile line. A collection that communicates the desire to start again and reasoned lightness. A look towards a better, sustainable life.

We live in a time of necessary '' Clean ''! Clean in soul and clean in being.The new generations are more attentive to a sustainable lifestyle, they think about the climate, the implications of technology, the social value of fashion. They open up to a union without the contradictions of the past. The #CleanCode capsule enhances the #sustainable, brings back the center of creativity and decisions in the hands of young people who are tired of abuse. They want to decide: they can rediscover traditions, they are oriented towards a comfortable fashion, made of excellent manufacturing and research. They observe the principles of sustainability of fabrics and materials that recall the environment in a context of Couture manufacturing, which gives traditional and tailored manufacturing. This is why the use of fabrics derived from paper, woven in ViroFormula, the scientifically traceable organic cotton grown exclusively by Albini. Fabrics with natural, anti-covid and anti-viral fibers that allow protection from bacteria and viruses, scientifically certified.