Salerno, 1- 3 September 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Evening Dresses Show 2021

Pinello Flavia

Palermo, Italia
Real Beauty is in the eyes of the one who are looking for it. Beauty is balance, of shapes, relationships, contaminations and knowledges. Flavia Pinello’s leitmotiv is the neverending search for balance, a fluid equilibrium between Fashion and eleganze laying down on the woman body. Through our creations we want to stateour ideal of beauty and balance for the modern woman who wantto stand up for elegance and femininity.

Flavia Pinello

50 Years of experience in Alta Sartoria join Flavia Pinello’s Brand. From an idea by Flavia Pinello founder, Fashion Designer and Couturier for 3 generations, to whom the tailoring art of the Fontana Sisters has been handed down, Flavia Pinello is a brand where uniqueness and personality are celebrated and each woman will find the dress of her dreams.
Specialized in luxury, wedding and evening dresses as well as Haute Couture, all strictly Made in Italy and in line with the Italian sartorial tradition, unmatched in all the world. Sophisticated designs mix together with rich silks and delicated laces.

Innovation meets Tradition, enchanting embroideries of tailored sublime bustier while the design swings between silhouette with rigorous shapes and cuts to other ones no doubt more intense, also thanks asymmetrical lines. Elegance and excellent craftsmanship prevail with Flavia Pinello's style